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by jane
On Oct 15, 2016 13:34:00 GMT -6

The general rules of this forum. You will be expected to have read them before joining and to comply with them at all times.

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by shanny
On Feb 25, 2017 23:32:27 GMT -6

General information (such as herb and name guides), F.A.Q., suggestions box, and more can be found here.

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by shanny
On Feb 25, 2017 19:06:41 GMT -6

Site-wide and general clan announcements can be found here. Leader and other high-ranking position applications will be posted here as well.

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by river
On Feb 21, 2017 13:09:16 GMT -6

Here you will find statistics for all five clans, their policies and clan history, and more!


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by aurum
On Feb 22, 2017 20:24:35 GMT -6

New character profiles are submitted under this board using the new character profile template. Before you can begin roleplaying, your application must be approved by a site administrator. Check back often; if you have not been accepted yet, you will soon!

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by summer
On Feb 25, 2017 21:59:21 GMT -6

Once your profile has been accepted, it will be filed into its designated sub-board. High ranks will be stickied and at the top of each board.

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by mustang
On Feb 25, 2017 23:02:24 GMT -6

This is a place to keep track of your characters and their goings on, as well as to plot with other members. In addition, there is a separate area to post your user sub-plots.

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On Feb 16, 2017 1:32:27 GMT -6

If you have NPCs that are related to your character and want them to be more than that, here is where you can set up an adoption thread!


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On Feb 25, 2017 19:44:06 GMT -6

The camp is situated in a clearing with many cut stones that have been left behind by Twolegs and have gathered much moss over the years. The walls and dens are made up of bracken, except for the medicine den and the leader's den, both of which are caves formed by the rocks. Lichen creates a curtain for both. The camp walls feel particularly thorny to outsiders.

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On Feb 24, 2017 20:30:00 GMT -6

ThunderClan cats make their home in the lush woodlands bordering Twoleg-place. Prey is abundant and varied here, but badgers and foxes have been known to eagerly settle in. Towards the border with ShadowClan to the north, medicine cats will find the Moonstone, a sacred place where StarClan is closest to those that walk the forest.


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On Feb 25, 2017 17:18:20 GMT -6

The ShadowClan camp is set deep into their territory. The outer wall is reinforced by bracken, and the inside is a large set of abandoned fox dens reinforced to prevent cave-ins. These are used for most of the dens, however, the medicine cat's den is underneath a hollow of a stump, and the leader's den is made out of a large hollow in a seemingly out-of-place sycamore tree.

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On Feb 25, 2017 22:46:41 GMT -6

ShadowClan's territory is mostly made up of pines with very little undergrowth, but it does encompass the bottom of the mountains that go far beyond the borders. Pine needles litter the forest floor, keeping the warriors' pawsteps silent while hunting. Within the territory lies a small pond surrounded by swampy growth. This area can be dangerous during Newleaf floods, and cats have been known to drown.


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by Ivystar
On Feb 25, 2017 21:24:18 GMT -6

The RiverClan camp is settled close to the freshwater lake in their territory, where plenty of moss grows and herbs are kept fresh by the mist coming off the water. Dens are made in the large reeds that grow here, and are reinforced with branches and bracken collected from near the ThunderClan border. In the middle of the camp a rock juts out across a shallow area of water, and this is where clan meetings are held.

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On Feb 25, 2017 19:32:59 GMT -6

RiverClan's territory consists of various branching rivers as well as abundant wetlands. Prey is abundant. During Leafbare, however, the river freezes over, and prey becomes scarce. RiverClan cats seem to be the only ones able to make a home in the watery area, as most other Clan's find getting wet extremely distasteful. For the sleek-furred and web-footed warriors of RiverClan, however, water is rarely a problem.


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by Rainpaw
On Feb 25, 2017 1:25:49 GMT -6

The WindClan camp is located in a natural dip in the moor, protected by the surrounding hillside. Dens are made from weaving the long grasses about each other, but because of the open sky the camp has known to become the target of hawks.

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On Feb 25, 2017 19:06:42 GMT -6

WindClan territory consists of the open moors to the southwest. The long grasses and rolling hillsides are filled with rabbits, WindClan cats' favourite prey, and the cats that make their home here are equally matched in speed. Towards the north, their territory makes an abrupt drop into the gorge that SkyClan cats call home.


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On Feb 25, 2017 18:34:56 GMT -6

Set in the eastern edge of the gorge, it is protected on all but one side, with a tunnel made from brambles to prevent further unwanted entrance. A waterfall flows into a pond at the edge of camp, so there's plenty of water for cats to drink. There is a cave behind the waterfall for the medicine cat, which keeps the herbs from wilting. The leader's den is high in the gorge and has a pathway to the meeting place, the Rockpile.

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On Feb 25, 2017 3:30:24 GMT -6

SkyClan's territory is the most unusual out of the five clans. Most of it is primarily set in the gorge in which they also make their camp, the rocky walls providing plenty of hiding places for mice and even lizards and scorpions. However, there is a stone pathway to a forest with extremely tall trees prior to their border with ShadowClan. SkyClan cats are permitted to hunt here, but it has long been up for debate in ShadowClan whether or not they should.


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On Feb 25, 2017 23:45:23 GMT -6

The borders between clans are always an area of dispute, with some more contested than others. Patrolled often, a clan's borders need never be challenged if the clan is to thrive in their territory. The warrior code dictates all trespassing cats must be challenged, so overstep your bounds with caution!

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On Feb 24, 2017 20:21:48 GMT -6

The Great Willow is an exceptionally large tree where the borders of all five clans meet. The roots are very large, and there are five raised ones, one for each clan leader to sit on. Given that it is at the centerpoint of all borders, it is not technically trespassing if a cat goes here, but expect to be questioned by a patrol if encountered.


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by Buck
On Feb 25, 2017 17:53:21 GMT -6

Deep in a cave sits a beautiful stone that glows when the moonlight filters through a hole in the roof. Sacred to all the clans, the Moonstone is where leaders receive their nine lives and medicine cats commune with StarClan every half-moon. All cats are granted safe passage here.

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The twolegplace is home to kittypets and their owners. No clan cat is permitted to enter, not that they should want to! Rumours of cats that walk the streets of twolegplace have been known to drift into the forest from time to time, but these cats pose no threat to the clans.

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On Feb 26, 2017 0:39:37 GMT -6

The Horseplace exists past WindClan territory, where a large red barn is home to plump mice and a few loners. Most clan cats stay away, as dogs have been known to prowl the border at night. The horses, while normally quite docile, can be dangerous as well if startled. Watch out for their stone-like feet!

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The sun-drown place exists far beyond clan territory. It is a land consisting of long, sandy shores, and salty water that stretches beyond the horizon. Each night the sun is swallowed into the massive ocean. Travel past ShadowClan territory, beyond the jagged mountain peaks, and you'll find yourself there.


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On Feb 25, 2017 2:20:20 GMT -6

A general discussion board for all members of FE. You should only post with your OOC account here.

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On Feb 23, 2017 20:06:56 GMT -6

IC and OOC threads that are closed or no longer active will be placed in their respective categories for safekeeping.

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On Feb 25, 2017 23:37:32 GMT -6

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